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Convenient and affordable shopping app!Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Minato Mirai commercial facility located in the (shopping mall), is the official app of the Yokohama World Porters (YOKOHAMA WORLDPORTERS).Simply install (download) the app, as the first award, or become [movies charges discount At ion cinema Minato Mirai, such as shopping, gourmet will be profitable!※ Can not be used with other coupons, rewards
In addition, to register the e-mail address, in the visitors check-in point to the "within the last 90 days", "the visitors stamp three or more" GET Then, rank up to premium membership!It can receive further grade up the benefits.
Too!In the visitors check-in point, in the lottery roulette, chance to nice prizes hits!I Please register the "e-mail address".

«The main function»
◆ The initial download benefits, watching movies fee of 300 yen discount!From initial download ※, 1 month limited. The occasion of the re-download not available.
◆ in the shopping & gourmet store or the like, ultra-profitable member benefits!
◆ in a push notification, deliver the fun events & deals!
◆ the visitors stamp in three or more, rank up to premium membership!
※ such benefits content, subject to change without notice.

«Notes»• This app, iPad, does not guarantee the operating environment in the tablet terminal, such as iPod Touch.In the case of iOS: iOS8.0 ~ 9.2.1In the case of Android: Android4.0.3 ~ 6.0
※ There is no guarantee operation at all terminals.Be sure to download by smartphone.